Why oral health visits and evaluations are important

Taking care of the smile goes far beyond just brushing and flossing after every meal. Routine dental visits are strongly encouraged to allow patients to maintain a healthy smile that is free from decay and disease. Routine visits at Gonzalez Dental Care in Pembroke Pines, Florida can keep problems from arising and allows for the best possible care and attention for the smile.

Why are routine evaluations important?

Many patients think of a routine dental examination every six months as a simple cleaning and checkup. However, Dr. Gonzalez and her associates feel that these recall appointments play a vital role in keeping a patient’s smile healthy and beautiful. Routine evaluations allow our team to look for the early signs of conditions that may damage the smile, including periodontal disease and tooth decay. These problems can be easily avoided and treated in the earlier stages to keep patients from experiencing damaging and expensive dental work. At the same time, these cleanings are a great way to build a positive relationship with the team at Gonzalez Dental Care, allowing patients to work with their dentist in achieving a beautiful and healthy smile for life!

What happens during oral health visits at Gonzalez Dental Care?

Dr. Gonzalez and her associates encourage patients to make an appointment for their first cleaning and evaluation at the practice. During this time, the team will introduce themselves to new patients and help them feel relaxed in the dental chair. A thorough cleaning called a prophylaxis is performed by the dental hygienist and x-rays may be taken of the mouth to look for signs of problems below the gum line. The dentist will then evaluate the patient’s smile, make note of any concerns, and talk to patients about treatments that can help improve their smile. If conditions such as decay or periodontal disease are found, our team will talk to an individual about the best course of treatment to bring the smile back to health.

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