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Why are dental cleanings every six months essential?

Many men and women believe that if they brush their teeth twice a day, floss after meals, and don’t have pain or discomfort in their smile, they can skip their routine dental appointments. Instead, this often leads to patients developing a host of problems, such as sudden root infections, deep cavities, and periodontal disease. In some instances, patients may experience sudden discomfort that requires them to pay extra for an emergency dental appointment.

Instead, Dr. Gonzalez and her team at Gonzalez Dental Care continue to educate patients on the importance of preventative dental care and why dental cleanings and examinations every six months are essential to one’s oral health and wellness. Even if patients brush and floss their teeth every day without fail, problems can still develop with time. Many of these problems can be avoided entirely with routine evaluations at our dental facility.

What to expect during a preventative dentistry examination

Dr. Gonzalez strongly encourages that patients book appointments for examinations every six months to reduce their risk of developing problems between visits. These evaluations start with x-rays taken by our dental hygienists. This allows our team to look below the surface and spot problems that might be occurring underneath the gum line or inside of a tooth. Then, our hygienists perform a thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums before Dr. Gonzalez evaluates the patient’s smile and provides recommended treatments or education. Patients can schedule their next visit before they leave the office to ensure they make their appointments as recommended. In some cases, if patients are diagnosed with conditions such as periodontal disease, follow-up appointments may be sooner than six months to monitor progression and help curb the infection as soon as possible. Patients who attend preventive appointments on a regular basis often have less dental problems arise and spend less overall on their oral health and wellness.

Is it time for a dental examination and cleaning?

Contact Dr. Gonzalez and her associates at (954) 432-4800 to request a consultation visit and initial evaluation with our team at Gonzalez Dental Care. Our Pembroke Pines, FL area dentist and her team will assess patients and help them get started on a journey to better oral health and wellness. We are located at 9818 Pines Boulevard and accept new and established patients seeking quality, comprehensive dental care in the area.