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When to choose partial dentures to replace missing teeth

If you have a missing tooth, don’t believe that there is nothing you can do to restore your smile in an affordable way! There is a solution available that can often be within reach for patients on a financial budget that restores function and beauty—the partial denture!

What is a partial denture?

Dr. Gonzalez and her associates describe the partial denture as a removable appliance that includes false teeth which slide into place where necessary. They allow patients to eat their favorite foods again and speak clearly after they have experienced tooth extraction or loss. Partial dentures are economical and are often covered by many of our patients’ dental insurance plans in part or in full.

When should I choose a partial denture?

 A partial denture is best for patients who:

  • Need to replace one or more teeth in the same dental arch
  • Are seeking an affordable option when compared to dental implants and bridges
  • Want a removable restoration for easy cleaning and repairs
  • Have existing teeth to hold the appliance in place

What can I expect when obtaining a partial denture?

When patients decide to move forward with the fabrication of a partial denture, they often have questions about what they can expect during the process. The first step is an evaluation to determine if partial dentures are a smart choice for an individual’s unique situation. Then, an impression is made of the dental arch. This impression is sent to a dental laboratory where the final denture is created. Within a week or two, patients arrive back at Gonzalez Dental Care to obtain their partial denture, make adjustments, and learn how to care for the appliance to extend its longevity and keep it clean.

Learn more about dentures with Dr. Gonzalez and her team

At Gonzalez Dental Care of Pembroke Pines, Florida, patients ready to replace missing teeth are encouraged to work with our staff to learn more about the benefits of partial dentures. If you are considering this or other tooth replacement solutions available at our facility, contact us at (954) 406-5342 to make an appointment. We accept new patients at our practice, conveniently located at 9818 Pines Boulevard.