What is Tartar? 8 Tips to Control Tartar Buildup

Controlling Tartar with the Dentist of Pembroke Pines

Oral health has become one of the most important matters of health concerns, since it has been both directly and indirectly linked to the health of other parts of the body. Taking care of one’s teeth and oral health leads to taking care of one’s entire health. One of the major problems in oral health relates to tartar.

What is Tartar?

In simple terms, tartar is a sticky, colorless deposit of bacteria that eventually forms on the gum surface. It then turns into plaque, and hardens in the gum line. This dental plaque is called tartar.
Despite taking precautions for their teeth, people still have dental problems. This is primarily because of the presence of bacteria that mix with food byproducts and proteins, to form a hard coat on the teeth. This is known as dental plaque which sticks to fillings in teeth and gum lines. Whenever you eat, the bacteria creates acids that damage tooth enamel, leading to cavities and the formation of tartars.

Tips to Control Tartar Buildup

  1. At the top of the list for any dental care routine, proper brushing comes first. We all know that we should brush twice a day. Don’t brush just for formality — a few scrubs cannot properly remove plaque or tartar. Slowly brush your teeth and gums with soft bristles for at least two minutes.
  2. Research shows that spin-powered and electric toothbrushes can remove and prevent plaque better than manual models. No matter what kind of brush you use, be sure that your brush reaches every nook and corner of your teeth.
  3. Select suitable toothpaste with fluoride and antibacterial agents. This will prevent the formation of plaque and tartar to a greater extent. Moreover, fluoride whitens teeth by repairing damaged enamel.
  4. Do you know how important a role proper rinsing plays in controlling tartar build up? If not, then rinse as much as you can, aiming for after every time you eat. Additionally, brushing without flossing is incomplete and meaningless.
  5. Of course, you can’t forget about your diet. Mainly, sugary and starchy foods can be exposed to bacteria that feed on them and then release harmful acids. Make sure to maintain a healthy diet and control the quantity of sugary food that you consume. This doesn’t mean you need to stop eating your favorite sweets — just keep in mind that you need to control tartar build-up in your teeth.
  6. Dental research and studies have shown that smokers are more prone to tartar build up than non-smokers. To get rid of tartar, giving up the smoking habit is a must.
  7. Visit dentists every six months. Make sure your teeth are healthy. Get your teeth cleaned by dentists like Gonzalez Dental Care, if any tartars have started. Implement their suggestions to avoid any oral problems.
  8. Many times, it is found that people use salt or baking soda or a mixture of both with toothpaste while brushing can help control plaque and tartar formation. You can apply this method too.

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Prevention is far better than cure, right? Without any delay, follow the given tips to control tartar buildup. You don’t know how serious of a problem you will have to face if not cared for in the initial stages of tartar development. Before tartars create any further problem, just take necessary actions to remove them. Reach out to us at your convenience!