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Making healthy choices to improve your smile’s health

With the Easter holiday approaching, we may find ourselves eating foods and snacks that we don’t typically indulge in—especially Easter candy! If you are worried about your oral health and wellness during this time, the team at Gonzalez Dental Care of Pembroke Pines, Florida can provide some insight on how to make healthy choices to improve the health of your smile and maintain good oral wellness. 

How can I make healthy choices to improve my oral health? 

We all know that sugars can damage the teeth, increasing one’s risk for developing cavities within their smile. However, there are other things to consider when tailoring your diet to your oral health and wellness. Here are just a few recommendations our team may make in regards to your diet and smile: 

  • Instead of enjoying snacks such as cookies and chips, turn to fresh vegetables that provide the same crunch with better nutrition.
  • Choose plain yogurts and cheese, as the high levels of calcium in these dairy products can support strong, healthy teeth.
  • Eating fresh fruits that are rich in vitamins and minerals that support teeth and gum health.
  • Consider adding nuts as a great snack between meals, as they can be a great source of vitamins, calcium, phosphorous, and iron.
  • Enjoy your sweets, but in moderation. Enjoy them right after your main meal when salivary flow is at its best, and brush and floss immediately after dessert.
  • Avoid sugary beverages such as sodas and milkshakes, and turn to water or milk to quench your thirst while avoiding empty calories from other beverages that might also stain your teeth.

Do you have questions about how your nutritional choices impact your smile? 

Contact Dr. Gonzalez and her associates at Gonzalez Dental Care to discuss your current diet and decide if you are on the right track for good oral health! Her facility is located at 9818 Pines Boulevard and can be reached at (954) 406-5342. We encourage new and established patients and families to connect with our team to educate themselves on how they can achieve and maintain good oral health and wellness for a lifetime!