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Healthy Dental Habits to Practice During COVID-19 Quarantine

Keep Your Smile Healthy in Pembroke Pines While Staying Home

Like most of the world, it’s likely that you’ve found yourself mostly confined to your homes while waiting out the COVID-19 health crisis. During this time, it can be very easy to let your normal healthy oral hygiene habits fall by the wayside. Gonzalez Dental Care in Pembroke Pines would like to take this as an opportunity, however, to remind our wonderful patients that there are some very simple things that you can do to keep your smile shining bright! Make sure that your entire family is practicing these healthy habits, and remember, we’re still available for all emergency dental services during this pandemic. 

Remember to Brush Before Bed

Brushing your teeth in the morning is usually fairly easy to remember, since it’s a regular part of most people’s routine. What is far less common, however, is brushing your teeth again in the evening before going to bed. Brushing your teeth at night helps to remove the buildup and germs that accumulate throughout the day, and result in fresher breath when the sun comes up.

Use Proper Tooth Brushing Technique

Just as important as the frequency at which you brush is the technique you use. Haphazardly brushing or brushing with too much force can cause more harm than good, so remember to brush in gentle, circular motions to remove plaque buildup. This is especially important for children, since the finer details of brushing aren’t something they normally think about.

Don’t Forget the Tongue!

Taking care of your tongue is just as important as making sure your pearly whites are sparkling! You may not have known that plaque can actually build up on your tongue, but it’s true. The result of a poorly-maintained tongue is a bad case of halitosis (bad breath) and other oral health problems. When you brush your teeth, don’t forget to give your tongue a gentle brush as well. 

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

The vast array of toothpastes that are available at the grocery store can be overwhelming, as it seems there is something for everyone. The most important ingredient that you need in your toothpaste is fluoride. Fluoride works better than any other toothpaste ingredient in regards to defending your mouth from germs and tooth decay, and also provides a protective barrier for your tooth enamel. There’s no need to buy the fanciest, most dazzling toothpaste — just make sure that what you do use contains fluoride. 

Include Flossing in Your Routine

Unfortunately, flossing tends to become an afterthought for many of our patients, until they have a hunk of barbecue stuck between their teeth. Flossing isn’t just about removing stuck particles from tight spaces between teeth — it also stimulates the gums, reduces plaque, and decreases the amount of inflammation of your gums when performed regularly. Add flossing to either your morning or evening routine.

Encourage Your Younger Flossers

The traditional method of flossing can be a little tricky for younger flossers. To avoid frustration, we recommend that you make use of prepackaged dental floss picks, which are usually stocked near the oral care items at the grocery or drug store. Most brands also manufacture smaller, colorful, less pointy floss picks for kids, which makes this whole process that much easier for little mouths. 

Use Your Favorite Refreshing Mouthwash

Some people have a view of mouthwash as if it is only for the overachievers in the realm of oral health. Using mouthwash, however, can be extraordinarily beneficial for three reasons:

  • Mouthwash greatly reduces the acidity of your mouth
  • Mouthwash is able to clean harder to reach parts of your mouth where a toothbrush simply can’t be effective
  • Mouthwash has been shown to help remineralize and strengthen your teeth

Like dental floss picks, mouthwash is manufactured with all age groups in mind. Most brands will have traditional flavors, as well as mild versions for kids, special formulas for sensitive teeth, or even spicy cinnamon mouthwash to invigorate you! Find a mouthwash that works for you and use it regularly — we believe you’ll start seeing the benefit immediately.

Drink Lots of Water & Eat Crunchy Fruits and Veggies

In addition to being essential for life, water is wonderful for your oral health and hygiene. If you can’t drink water with every meal, we recommend at least doing so, even a little bit, after each meal. Practicing this can help reduce the amount of buildup left behind from eating, especially if you’ve been munching on sticky or acidic foods. Similarly, crunchy fruits and vegetables can help to keep your teeth clean. Crunchy foods help to build up jaw strength, which can help prevent certain jaw-related disorders.

Practice Self-Control

It’s a cruel trick of nature that many of the really tasty things in life are absolutely horrible for your teeth. Foods with high amounts of sugar convert to acid when left in your mouth, and can wreak havoc on your tooth enamel. Acidic fruits, teas, and coffee can have the same effect. As difficult as it may be when you’re spending so much time at home, do your best to limit your intake of sugary and acidic foods and beverages. You don’t have to give these things up altogether, but moderation is encouraged. 

Gonzalez Dental Care is Available for Emergency Services!

While our normal day-to-day operations have changed for the time being, we would like to assure all of our patients that Gonzalez Dental Care is still available for all emergency dental services. We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have concerning our operations during the COVID-19 epidemic, and we hope you all stay safe and take care of each other!