Could Your Oral Health Be Harming Your Heart?

From the Mouth the Heart Speaks

We all know that health is a very important factor in our lives. Not much else matters if we don’t have our health! Did you know that the health of our entire body depends on our oral health? Do you have any type of oral health problem? If yes, then it is also a danger for your heart health. At Gonzalez Dental Care in Pembroke Pines, we know that oral health plays a vital role in healthy lives of people. Generally, oral health problems can include mouth and other pain (i.e. facial pain, oral infection and sores and tooth problems). It has been shown in research that these problems can have a connection with the heart too. Oral and heart health are completely interrelated.

Does Oral Health Harm the Heart?

Due to toxic substances such as tobacco, oral health is adversely affected. While no one can say that oral health will lead to a heart attack, we can say that oral health helps to improve your overall health. The mutual factor in oral health and heart issues is inflammation. However, different studies have also found that people with periodontal disease have more risk of heart disease than those with good oral health. Moreover, we can say that inflammation due to gum disease can trigger clot formation. These clots travel to the heart causing an elevation in blood pressure which increases the risk of heart attack. One needs to have good oral health so there will be less of a chance of causing these different health related problems.

Below are some points that show that bad oral health can harm the heart in several ways:

1. Both oral health and heart disease are caused by inflammation which harms the heart.

2. Gum disease itself is a risk factor for coronary artery disease.

3. Clogged arteries in the gums damage the health.

4. Bacteria enter the bloodstream, elevate blood pressure and increase the risk of a heart attack.

The most effective way to have good oral and heart health is to prevent gum disease, having knowledge about oral health, having regular dental check-ups, getting professional cleanings, maintaining healthy eating habits, and brushing your teeth twice a day. These are very important factors so that there’ll be less of a chance of oral and dental problems, as well as decreasing the chance of developing other health related problems.

Finally, antibiotics prescribed by dentists should only be used for oral/ dental problems. Using them without a prescription can lead to unhygienic oral health and complications. Preventing gum disease is a healthy way to keep not only your oral health, but also for preventing heart problems. Contact the top Pembroke Pines dentist at Gonzalez Dental Care for more information.