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Can composite resin dental bonding be removed?

Dental bonding, which is a material made of composite resin, is commonly used in the area of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Gonzalez of Pembroke Pines, FL often uses dental bonding to repair a broken tooth or restore the smile by covering imperfections. This allows the patient to enhance the appearance of  one or more teeth and ensure the overall smile is attractive and functional.

Can dental bonding be removed?

When patients have dental bonding placed, they may have questions about its longevity. Others want to know if their procedure is reversible if they choose to have porcelain veneers placed instead. The answer is yes! Composite resin dental bonding can be easily removed and replaced, either with new dental bonding or alternative treatments such as porcelain veneers. Patients might choose to have veneers placed at a later time, but consider dental bonding as an interim solution. Others may find that their bonding stains faster than they expected and need to have it replaced to match the natural tooth enamel. Whatever the reason, Dr. Gonzalez of Gonzalez Dental Care can assist.

How is dental bonding removed?

Dental bonding is removed with a special sandpaper-like instrument that rotates on the tooth to remove the material from the teeth. From there, new dental bonding can be placed, or preparations can be made for porcelain veneers, which provide longer coverage and a stronger, stain-resistant alternative.

Why would I consider removing dental bonding?

Some of the reasons why patients might consider removing dental bonding include:

  • Unhappy with the final results
  • Restore damage to teeth with dental bonding in place
  • Prepare for the placement of veneers
  • Replacing dental bonding that has become stained or discolored

Discuss the advantages of dental bonding and other aesthetic treatments with Dr. Gonzalez

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