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Benefits of Teeth Whitening

History of White Teeth

The idea of having gleaming white teeth is a modern trend. Historically speaking, many people did not give much attention to their teeth, and most people ended up losing their teeth as they aged. In fact, in Elizabethean times, black teeth became a sign of upper class because Queen Elizabeth’s teeth were black from rot, and women even blackened their teeth on purpose. It was a sign of adulthood in japan around 1000 AD and became popular amongst upper class women. You can still see women with black teeth in Japan, primarily gisha.

When teeth age naturally, they turn a yellowish color. This is because the enamel is gradually worn off, exposing the dentin layer below, which is naturally yellow. However, some people genetically have whiter teeth than others.

Teeth whitening itself has been a trend on and off in various cultures for centuries. The ancient Egyptians saw white teeth as a symbol or wealth and appeal. The Romans whitened their teeth, and this practice has been observed throughout various other cultures as well. However, it was only in the 1970s that teeth whitening became a trend as better and safer techniques to whiten teeth were introduced.

Nowadays, white teeth are still popular and even preferable. They have become a sign of good oral hygiene, youth, and vitality. Think of all the movies you watch with witches, who are considered the epitome of ugly. Most of them are either missing teeth or have yellow teeth. White teeth are a symbol of beauty.

Gonzalez Dental Care in Pembroke Pines offers cosmetic dental services, including teeth whitening services. This simple procedure takes between 30 and 60 minutes and lasts usually between two to three years, although this varies from person to person. In addition, we offer general dentistry, preventative care, periodontal services, orthodontics, and other dental procedures and care. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of teeth whitening services. Contact our dental office for a cosmetic dental appointment today!


White Teeth

We’ll start with the obvious. One of the benefits of teeth whitening services is that you’ll have white teeth. As you’ve seen, having white teeth is important in this day and age, and many people like the look of white teeth as well. Since society highly values white teeth, teeth whitening is important if you have a client-facing role, such as a customer service job, or you are looking for a job to impress future employers. If you are in the media industry where you may be on TV or photographed, having this cosmetic dental procedure is essential.

Enhances Your Self-Confidence

Overall, it’s important to have good, strong, healthy teeth. Many people feel better about themselves when their teeth are white. You may notice that you smile more, which makes you appear more friendly and sociable. Smiling can put you in a good mood even when you are feeling down, and it helps to relieve stress because smiling releases endorphins. You’ll be more relaxed when you smile, which also helps boost your self-confidence. Many people are attracted to others with white smiles as well.

Can Make You Look Younger

Whitening your teeth is one way to minimize the look of wrinkles. When you have white teeth, you will smile more, which always makes you appear younger. Plus, it will draw attention away from the surrounding wrinkles, any scars you may have, and frown lines. Whitening your teeth will also help to eliminate the damage done by coffee, tea, soda stains, food, and more.

Lasts for Years

When you invest in professional teeth whitening services, a cosmetic dental procedure, your teeth should stay white for about two years. While some fading is to be expected, the better overall care you take of your teeth, the longer it will last. However, if you smoke or drink a lot of beverages that stain your teeth, such as wine, coffee, and tea, teeth whitening won’t last as long.

Professional teeth whitening done by a reputable dentist, such as Gonzalez Dental Care in Pembroke Pines, uses high-quality bleaching products that last much longer than over-the-counter products. We can also customize your teeth whitening treatment to give you the precise amount of whitening that you are looking for. You’ve probably noticed someone whose teeth are over-the-top white. It just looks out of place. We can give you the perfect whiteness that will match your skin tone and look great without being out of place.

Why Whiten Your Teeth?

When you invest in this cosmetic dental procedure, you may notice that you will do better in job interviews and be more successful financially and professionally. Overall, if whiter teeth make you feel better about yourself, then you will attract more opportunities in all aspects of your life.


When searching for a dentist, it’s important that you look for their reputation in the community and their patient care. Gonzalez Dental Care in Pembroke Pines offers superb dental care, including cosmetic dental care, and we are a Top Rated Local® dental practice with almost 30 years of experience. Our local dentists care about our patients, and we are passionate about our patients’ oral health. During regular dental exams, we make sure your teeth are not only cleaned, but also that we check for oral cancer, jaw health, and overall functionality of your bite.

We understand that many people are scared of the dentist or don’t like going at all. We do our absolute best to ensure that you are comfortable and welcomed. Our friendly staff can answer all of your questions or explain any procedures. We invest in state-of-the-art dental equipment in order to offer our patients the best cosmetic and general dentistry care. We do our best to work with your insurance on all dental procedures. We can schedule around the times that work best for you. We even offer financing options so that you can receive your dental procedures sooner rather than later, especially if you are in pain. Contact our dental office for cosmetic dental procedures and teeth whitening services today!