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Always ask these 8 questions when going to the dentist

When it comes to your oral health and wellness, it is important that you play an active role in keeping your smile beautiful and healthy. This includes asking your dentist the right questions when you visit. Dr. Gonzalez of Gonzalez Dental Care in Pembroke Pines, Florida encourages patients to take the time to talk to their dentist about their needs, and be sure to ask their dentist these eight questions:

  • What should I be doing at home to keep my smile healthy?
  • How can I improve the appearance of my smile with cosmetic dentistry?
  • Should I consider any special dental treatments?
  • What are your payment policies and financial options?
  • How often should I have a dental examination?
  • Do I have any medical conditions that might impact my oral health?
  • Should I make any changes in my diet to improve the health of my smile and body?
  • Are there any dental concerns present that require attention?

In addition to asking these questions, it is always a great idea to ask your dentist about their experience and continuing education. In order to maintain dental licensing, dentists in the state of Florida have certain requirements that need to be met each year. Knowing that your dentist is constantly learning about the ever-changing field of dentistry can help ensure that the best treatments are readily available. Learning about the new technology available for better dental care is also important for dentists in today’s world. At Gonzalez Dental Care, we want you to know that your dental team is dedicated to helping your improve and maintain the health of your smile, and we provide the best possible solutions for you and your family at our quality dental practice.

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